Technology Changing the Future of Professional Sports

Instead of stairs, we use the elevator to get to the office, work on a desktop computer or laptop and use a smartphone and pay for the lunch using a credit card. Technology has become a part of our life, so it is normal that professional sports also have started to leverage it.

In F1, cycling, athletics and swimming professional timer service have appeared, thus making every thousandth of a second count. The hawk-eye technique has helped track the trajectory of balls in cricket and tennis. The performance of football players is measured and assessed by methods introduced by UEFA in 2007. 16 cameras monitor the field so that officials can follow the trajectories of the players and the ball with accuracy. Goal-line technology assists ice hockey and football referees to decide whether the ball was in or out and in American football, referees can re-watch a play when the call is close. NBA uses replay vision to review last-touch decisions in the final two minutes of the game.

Thus technology gathers data about every second of the game and performance of the players. Which in turn helps to analyse, create new strategies and thus boosts player’s performance in the arena, but is it everything technology could offer professional sportsmen and sportswomen?

The answer is certainly no, technology can boost talent, health management as well as coaching, the three essential factors in sports.

Technology can help find the best diet. First, the DNA is sequenced and then an appropriate sport and training program is suggested by the Athletigen. A smart app helps athletics on which food to eat, when to eat and what to avoid at all costs. A well-composed diet plan is essential for athletes and as all individuals are genetically different, the diet should be personalised as well. The new field in dietetics, nutrigenomics aims to exactly do that. The health of the players can be managed with sensors and wearables.

So, this is how technology is changing the future of professional sports.